PALACE Wet-Room Tanking Kit

PALACE WET-ROOM is a combined waterproof membrane system designed to protect tiled areas in locations such as wet-rooms, showers, bathrooms, and kitchen utility areas. PALACE WET-ROOM will inhibit the passage of moisture from within the tiled area, into substrates such as plaster, render, plasterboard, tile backer boards, timber, suspended floors concrete floors and plywood overlays.

  • Protective waterproof under-tile coating.
  • Built in Flexibility accommodates movement & vibration.
  • Solvent free, easily applied liquid membrane.
  • Compatible with most surfaces and substrates.
  • Provides ideal base for wall & floor tile fixing.
  • Polyester reinforced tape provides crack-bridging protection for all wall & floor joints.

Pack Size: 8kg KIT

PALACE Shower-Tight Tanking Kit

PALACE SHOWER-TIGHT is a waterproof barrier system to protect sensitive substrates in tiled areas such as showers, bathrooms, wet-rooms and kitchen utility areas. The system consists of a surface primer, a grey flexible waterproof coating and a super strong polyester matting to reinforce seams in joints around wall floor junctions. This seamless, protective membrane inhibits the passage of moisture from within the tiled area through to surfaces and structures which may be sensitive to the effects of prolonged water migration.

  • Multi-component system
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Protects water sensitive substrates
  • Prevents penetrating damp


UltraTileFix ProShield provides waterproof protection to backgrounds in wetrooms, domestic bathrooms, kitchens and showers and is suitable for both walls and floors prior to tiling. It is a polymer emulsion based product for use on internal installations only.

  • A flexible waterproof and crack bridging coating system
  • Easy to use components and no priming required
  • Provides complete protection from moisture
  • For use on all water sensitive backgrounds
  • Designed for wetrooms, showers, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • 8m² coverage per unit
  • Tape available to buy seperately
  • Tile after 24 hours
  • Internal use
  • Waterproof
Pack Size: 8kg  (includes flexible waterproof coating and membrane tape)
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