Wall & Floor Grout Protector

Forms a colourless barrier and helps to protect porous wall and floor grout joints from penetration by water, dirt, oil, grease and limescale, making treated surfaces easier to keep clean. Ideal for use in wet rooms and shower enclosures.

  • Invisible Protection
  • Seals All Grouts
  • Bottle Quantity: 600ml

Pack Quantity: 1

Crackle Glaze Protector

Impregnating sealer for ceramic tiles that have porous crackle glaze. Protects surfaces from staining and grout ingress during installation.

  • Crackle Glaze Protection
  • Seals Ceramic
  • Protects Against Water
  • Protects Against Dirt
  • Protects Against Oil
  • Protects Against Grease
  • Protects Against Limescale
  • Bottle Quantity: 500ml

Pack Quantity: 1

Heavy Duty Grime Remover

Intensive grease and grime cleaner. Breaks down old layers of wax and acrylic seals. Suitable for travertine, limetstone, sandstone, slate, marble, porcelain, granite, terracotta, quarry tiles, brick and external paving.

  • Removes Grease & Grime
  • Breaks Down Old Seals
  • Bottle Quantity: 1ltr

Pack Quantity: 1

Residual Grout Remover

Cement, limescale and grout residue remover. Suitable for glazed and un-glazed ceramics, slate, quarry tiles, brick, terracotta and acid resistant natural stones.

  • Removes Grout
  • Removes Cement
  • Bottle Quantity: 1ltr

Pack Quantity: 1

PALACE All Purpose Tile Cleaner

All purpose tile cleaner is suitable for use on all types of tiled surface including marble and calcareous natural stone which may be sensitive to more aggressive cleaners. It is effective in removing fine cement film, lime scale and soap scum from tiled surfaces leaving a bright clean finish which resists the further build up of water-borne stains with regular use.

  • Acid-free surface compatible formula
  • Lifts most types of household stains
  • Inhibits soap scum & limescale build-up
  • Concentrated formula

Size: 1 litre

PALACE Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner

Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner is a concentrated alkaline cleaning solution for removing heavily soiled and long-standing grime deposits from polished or unpolished tile & stone surfaces. It is effective as a regularly used maintenance product in the removal of accumulated dirt, or in concentrated form or as a restorative cleaner returning tiles to their original clean “as new” appearance.

  • Acid-free formula
  • Lifts most types of household stains
  • Effective against accumulated grime
  • Concentrated formula

Size: 1 litre

PALACE Grout Film Remover

Grout Film Remover will soften and remove the excess cement film from the tiles often which is left after the grout has been applied. Grout Film Remover will also remove limescale and surface efflorescence which sometimes forms on the surface of the grout joint in the first few weeks after application. It is not suitable for calcareous tile & stone

  • Mild acidic formula
  • Lifts & dissolves difficult stains
  • Removes limescale & efflorescence
  • Test before use

Size: 1 litre

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