PALACE Marble Impregnator

Marble & Natural Stone Impregnator is designed to penetrate into porous and semi-porous surfaces to form an oil or water repellent barrier which allows any damp still in the substrate to evaporate but restricts any further moisture ingress which can damage the structure and tarnish the surface finish.

  • Micro-penetrating formula
  • Maintains the original surface finish
  • Prevents oil & water stain ingress
  • Aids cleaning & maintenance
  • Ideal for marble floors & worktops

Pack Size: 1 litre

PALACE Tile & Stone Impregnating Sealer

Impregnating Sealer protects and seals Highly Porous un-glazed tiles, quarry tiles, slate & natural stone from penetrating liquid ingress and dirt absorption. It is designed to penetrate into porous and semi-porous tiled surfaces and grout joints to form a water repellent seal which restricts moisture ingress and dirt accumulation  It is suitable for interior and exterior use.

  • Micro-penetrating formula
  • Maintains the original “as new” appearance
  • Repels oil & water based staining liquids
  • Assists cleaning & maintenance
  • Ideal for travertine & porous stone surfaces

Pack Size: 1 litre

PALACE Tile Polish & Shine

Tile Polish & Shine is a blend of surfactants, acrylics and low odour solvents ideally suited for cleaning & refreshing all types of sealed and unglazed ceramic floor tiles and in particular semi-porous surfaces such as quarry & natural stone tiles, including those which have previously been treated with a sealing solution to protect & enhance the satin finish.

  • Micro-penetrating formula
  • Maintains a semi sheen finish
  • Restores protective properties
  • Concentrated formula

Pack Size: 1 litre

PALACE Satin Seal & Polish

Satin Seal & Polish is an ultra-fine emulsion which dries to form a protective, semi-sheen film on unglazed or semi-porous tiles such as quarry tiles, natural stone and slate. When dry it will leave a consistent smooth satin finish and repeat applications will result in a higher-gloss finish.

  • Ideal for Slate & quarry tiles
  • Dries to a semi-sheen finish
  • Seals open porous tiles
  • One coat clear finish

Pack Size: 1 litre

PALACE Terracotta & Stone Sealer

Terracotta & Stone Sealer is a Natural oil based treatments which has long been used as the traditional means of sealing and protecting rustic floors based using a linseed oil based composition applied to original Terracotta, Stone & Slate to protect from the ingress of moisture, damp and stain bearing deposits. This type of treatment  may slightly darken the appearance of previously untreated, porous surfaces, but will provide a rich authentic satin lustre, intensifying the natural colours and shades unique to this type of traditional ceramic flooring.

  • Ideal for traditional terracotta & quarry tiles
  • Dries to a sheen finish
  • Natural oil based formula
  • One coat clear finish

Pack Size: 1 litre

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